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SMISUneb is a special program to handle UNEB results for schools


The following areas are covered

(1) Capturing individual student results

Involving  entering UNEB results of students, both O and A level. Data entry is simple, since it is just a worksheet, where marks are captured on a per student basis

It is possible to Import data from excel Sheets direct into the System. This applies to situations where data may already have been entered into Excel  files.

 It is also possible to down load UNEB results from the UNEB web portal and simply upload them into the SMISuneb program

 (2) Processing and Analyzing Results

Involving processing the data and subsequent generation of the analysis report.

The System derives analysis data based on a selected time frame., It compares   

performance of each subject over the years, derives:

(i)                 Percentage rate of passes or failure,

(ii)               The grade that was scored most(mode)

(iii)             The Number of students who scored the mode grade (modal frequency).   

(iv)             The Weight, based on a special UNEB recommended formula


The System has the ability to resolve several grades belonging to the mode category, It will enlist all of them

(3) Printing Analysis Reports

Once processed, the Analysis report can be printed from the appropriate print option.

The print out will bear the last processing date and the User who did the processing.


If the last processing date is too remote it is advisable to re process before printing Analysis reports.

Benefits of using the System to produce end of term reports

(a) Accuracy and Efficiency

Because of automation , the awarding determination of the weight, the percentage Pass, the Mode and Modal frequency, the Percentage change from one year to another ,  are done by the Computer automatically .

 This is a great improvement to the manual system whereby due to fatigue, a teacher could calculate wrong results.

 (b) Timely delivery of Analysis reports

The Analysis report is generated there and then once data has been entered. Academic meetings will be held on schedule, strategies will be mapped on time and decisions will be taken without delays

 (c ) Simultaneous data entry  and data imports from Excel

The System enables data entrants to enter marks simultaneously, moreover data can be imported from Excel sheets

  (d) Quick retrieval of UNEB Analysis report

 The System archives every years UNEB results and can now merge it with prior years results. This makes comparison of performance over years possible and hence derive the percentage change for every subject.(Whether there was an improvement in performance or decline and by what percentage)

 (e) Relieve Teachers of fatigue

The Teachers would be relieved of fatigue, arising out of the manual preparation of the UNEB Analysis.

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