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The School Management Information System(SMIS)
The Hospital Management Information System(HMIS)
The Hotel Management System(HotelPro)
The Loan Tracking System(LTS)
The Fuel Manager(FM)
The Standard Point of Sale(SPOS)
The Real estate and Rentals Management System(RMS)
The Business Accounting System(BAS)
Kitunzi(Lugand Accounting package)
The Sales and Inventory Management System(SIMS)
District Mock Exams
UNEB Analysis
Paper bag Manufacturing Management System(PMS)
The Debt Management and Monitoring System(DMMS)
The Human Resource and Pay roll System(PRS
The Training Management System(TMS)
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SMIS stands for School Management Information System

This is a comprehensive computer program for Schools covering the following areas:

(i)                 Accounting

(ii)               Academics

(iii)             Student discipline, Records and bio data(With Photos)

(iv)             Inventory Management

(v)               Pay roll

(vi)             Library Management

(vii)           UNEB Analysis and statistics

(viii)         Student Attendance register

(ix)             SMS module(Communication with parents)

(x)               Asset tracking module

(xi)             EFT(Electronic funds transfer) Module for automatic student payment capture and update(Schoolpay and Flex pay)

(xii)           Thumb print monitoring module(fees defaulters recognition)


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