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The Paperbag manuafcture management system(PMS)is a system for managing the Paper bag manufacturing process



Creation of codes for each paper type , which includes(1010,1020,1030 etc)

Creation of codes for each Paper bag size(2kg Brown, 2kg white, Baler 24*1kg, Baler 24*1kg etc)

Creation of codes for other raw materials used in the production process eg. Glue, ink etc


Capture invoices

Invoices for goods received are captured into the system, using a specialized data capture interface. Among the items captured are the supplier name,invoice number,items supplied, prices,freight charges etc. Most of the items are imported and we factor in the dollar exchange rate


Generation of packing lists

The imported paper is numbered according to special identification numbers called reel numbers. These are serial numbers from 1 on wards. The system is also customized to generate these same numbers for purposes of monitoring stock as it is being used up, in the process of producing the paper bags, every complete set of reel numbers is called a packing list.


Wastage and packing material

For every production process , we establish the quantity of wastage, and paper used for packing , these later help in determining the unit cost for every paper bag batch, so that we don’t sell at a loss!

Wastage would be Printing, roll or packing waste. We also have rejected bags.



When reels have been generated, we need to authenticate them, once this is done no more adjustments can be done on these reels.

Stock management

The system generates stock balance reel number, and shows stock balance values both in local currency and dollars




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