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 Is a special program for processing mock results for schools

Areas covered by the System :

 (1) School/candidates’ records management :

Involving  maintenance of  a register for all schools participating.

Schools will be given unique identification codes to facilitate future analysis of results based on schools.


The zones to which schools belong will also be given codes(zone codes) for the same reason above


Candidates will each be given an automatic number by the system, for processing purposes. These numbers will be unique and will enable us produce result slips for every student. Alternatively we use candidates Uneb index numbers.

 (2) Capturing marks and processing results

The system has a user friendly interface where marks can easily be captured by data entrants. It is simple and straight forward


The most fascinating feature of the program actually lies in its ability to :


(i)                 Automatically convert marks into grades based on a given grading scheme  for every subject

(ii)               Automatically derive Best eight, and Division

(iii)             Automatically convert aggregate scores to Grades for A-Level candidates

(iv)             Automatically generate result sheets for every School

(v)               Automatically generate result slips for every student for every School

(vi)             Capture teachers comments for every subject, and generate them for every School

(vii)           Generate an analysis report for every school


(3) Generation of mark sheets(result sheets) , student result slips, analysis reports and examiners’ comments

 These will be generated at a mere click of a button


Weaknesses of common practices with mock results


With the common mock result release arrangements , in most centers, students are denied the chance to get individual result slips, schools are simply given mark sheets, which are often delivered late, and containing so many errors.


Because of the late release of results, schools and students are given very little time to analyse mocks and identify areas of weaknesses to improve upon, which is the major purpose of  mock exams!!.


The schools are not given analysis reports, neither do they get examiners’ comments, all that because of using weak and inappropriate systems. Often a time these systems break down after being overwhelmed by data volumes!!!.


The strength of the SMISmock system


The SMIS System on the contrary is professionally built on a very strong database Engine, SQL Server, with very stable and robust Client application.It is secure, and uses passwords and accessibility limits.


SMISmock automation

All areas  that require careful and tedious processing have been automated thus leaving no room for human error!, there is nothing manual here, apart from data entry.


For this matter, the results will be delivered well on time.


Benefits of using the System


(a) Accuracy and Efficiency


Because of automation , the awarding of grades as well as derivation of best eight and division ,  are done by the computer automatically . This is in line with UNEB grading scheme . It therefore means that there is little room for human error . This is a great improvement to the manual system where by out of fatigue , a teacher could allocate a wrong grade to a particular student .


(b) Timely delivery of results

The results will be delivered in time,this is so because most of the time consuming operations have been automated ie grading, computation of averages, positioning candidates etc.


(c ) Simultaneous data entry 

The System enables data entry clerks to enter marks simultaneously, each data entry officer enters his marks from a computer on the network and does not have to wait for the other to enter , this also goes to save a lot of time, as compared to the existing excel sheets which ca not be shared by more than ten people, or Ms Access Systems which will break down when net work traffic overwhelms them, and so report “Un recognized Database Formats”


(d) Data security

Data entry officers use passwords to access the system. The System Audit trail wizard reports any abuse of passwords by those who may alter marks.


(f) Relieve data entry clerks  of fatigue

The data entry clerks  would be relieved of fatigue, arising out of the manual operations like computing averages, calculating best eight, deriving divisions etc


The exercise of entering marks is as simple as pressing buttons of a calculator so data entrants accomplish their work in time and with minimal effort.


(g) Analysis of mock exams


The system will be used to generate an analysis report for the mock exam performance for each school. Once marks have been entered, a mere click of a button will generate the required analysis report.

Programming Features



System uses passwords to implement security . different options within the program are also restricted to specific users.




System is multi user this means several people can enter data into the same program and hence timely delivery of reports.

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