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HotelPro is an Hotel Management System

This is a comprehensive computer program for Hotels covering the following areas:

(i)                 Reception

(ii)               Restaurant and Bar

(iii)             Store

(iv)             Gym and aerobics

(v)               Supervision

(vi)             Linen store

(vii)           Accounting

(viii)         Fixed Assets


  • Register Guests(Name,Nationality,Ids,Sex etc)
  • Billing is Automatic based on predefined rates, An invoice is printed instantly
  • Generation of Customer balance lists
  • Capturing payments by Guests(Simplified no need of complex accounting terminologies of debit and credit)
  • Generation of Receipts upon receiving payments
  • Generation of customer statements of accounts
  • Discounts and additional billing for other services enjoyed

Restaurant and Bar

  • Standard point of sale Implementation(Capture sales and print receipts)
  • Order processing, where by items ordered for in the Kitchen are monitored until delivery of the order and  consequent payment by customer
  • Management of orders by Guests, to be paid for at a later date when they are checking out(this constitutes credit sales)
  • Repayments by debtors and printing debtor statements of account
  • Restriction of Cashiers to the cashiering role only

Store :

  • Capture incoming stocks eg food items to be used in the Kitchen, we do so on a per invoice basis
  • Updating stock in the store(Releasing purchased stock)
  • Generating stock balances and movement reports(stock value in the store)
  • Carry out Stock taking at end of every month
  • Capturing outgoing stocks against authorized requisitions

Gym and Aerobics

  • Implement a standard point of sale, by capturing payments and issuing receipts.
  • Capturing of credit against registered customers and receiving their payments at a later date.
  • Generating statements of accounts at any time to act as demand notices


  • Balancing Cashiers
  • Generation of daily sales reports(10 reports)

Linen store

  • Management of stocks in the Linen store(Towels,Blankets,Bed Sheets and tracing their movements from and into the Linen store


  • Bankings, Capture expenses, Bank reconciliation, Budgeting, and generation of Financial reports(Balance sheet, Income statement, Trial balancer etc)

Fixed Assets

  • Capture all Fixed assets of the Hotel in the Fixed assets register

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