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HMIS  stands for The Hospital Management System

This is a comprehensive computer program for Hospitals and Clinics it covers the following areas:

(i)                 Reception

(ii)               Doctors interface

(iii)             Cashier

(iv)             Inpatient/outpatient

(v)               Laboratory and other procedures

(vi)             Pharmacy

(vii)           Accounting


  • Register Patients and allocate them to available doctors

(Capture patient demorgraphic information eg name,Residence,telephone contact,sex etc)

Doctors interface :

  • Capture symptoms and signs, carry out investigations, diagnosis and  Medication
  • Initiate Lab requests
  • Prescribe appropriate medication
  • Each medicine added on the prescription list, automatically picks the price leading to the automatic preparation of the medical bill
  • Generate and store the medical form for the patient
  • Generate medical file for the patient and obtain medical history of the patient
  • Initiate special requests for other procedures eg ultrasound scan,x-ray,dental or eye checks and treatments


  • Receive cash and generate receipts

(Cashiers will find the billing items already filled by the doctor, they will simply pick payment and enter it in the payments window)


  • Manage Admissions, allocate wards, rooms and beds
  • Manage inpatient treatments and cumulatively prepare bills for services and medication
  • In patients as well as outpatients are placed in a queue(in order to be attended to by doctors)

Laboratory and other procedures

  • Capture specimen eg Blood
  • Enter Lab results(system automatically generates Test parameters and possible results, it flags high or Low result values depending on age and sex as per standard result values)
  • Save and Generate Lab report
  • Other procedures eg ultrascan,x-ray dental etc are equally catered for


  • Pack the drugs as per the doctors prescription list
  • Issue drugs to the patients and hence terminate the patient’s queuing process, which is actually initiated by the receptionist.
  • After issuing drugs, the patient will no longer appear in the available patients list at the pharmacy nor cashier, but may remain viewable at the doctors interface
  • Like the Cashier, the pharmacist will find the prescription list already filled by the doctor. The job of the pharmacist is simply to click the issued button


Accounting and Supervision:

  • Balancing Cashiers
  • Monitoring of cashier activities during the day from the back office
  • Creation of cashier accounts and allocation of user rights
  • Management of suppliers, supplier invoices and repayments
  • Daily banking and withdrawals
  • Capture expenses ,Banking , Bank reconciliation, Budgeting, and generation of Financial reports(Balance sheet, Income statement, Trial balancer etc)
  • Generation of daily sales reports

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