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Fuel Manager is a computer program to automate petrol station operations

This program addresses the following  three areas :

(i) sale of fuel

(ii) Sale of lubricants/service bay activities


(a) Fuel  and lubricants


(i) Record fuel stocks.

Fuel stocked is recorded on a per tank basis.

(ii)Identify leaking fuel tanks

The system compares dip sticker readings with its own registered readings and reports any signs of tank leakage or faulty pumps.

(iii) Stock levels(Quantity and value)

The system will give a true picture of fuel quantities in the tanks and their total value any time, simply by clicking a button. You don’t have to wait for the dip sticker readings in the evening !

(iv)Balancing off  pump attendants

The system is used to balance off pump attendants, an exercise involving comparing the amounts declared by a pump attendant at the end of his shift , and the amount recorded by the system against  him. The pump attendant is not released until when he has accounted for all the money the system has recorded against his name.

(v) Credit sales

The system automatically updates customer accounts by the credit facility extended.

(v) Register tanks, pumps and pump attendants

All these must be registered by the system to enable us do a follow up of each of them in relation to their interaction with fuel sales.

(vi)Daily fuel sales report

The system will generate a daily sales report showing how much revenue was realized from sale of fuel that day.


 (b)Other exciting features


 (i) Summary sales reports:

The system will report sales for each of the three items, Fuel, Lubricants /Services and super market separately, then also provide a consolidated sales report for all these three.

(ii) Automated posting to accounts

By merely clicking a button the system will post transactions to the accounts module and also update the stock register as well as debtors accounts.

This means knowledge of accounts in recording sales in not necessary!


(c ) Accounts module


Is a fully fledged accounting component that handles all other forms of incomes and expenses and generates standard financial reports, including balance sheet, trial balance, income and expenditure statements etc


(a) Banking

The system assumes that money collected is banked immediately, the system has an option for recording bankings to an appropriate bank account

(b) Debtor repayments

When debtors repay the system will record these re payments using an appropriate option.


(c) Expenses

The system has simplified recording of expenses through the use of  simplified and clear input screens.

Much of the accounting details are carried out by the system behind scenes.


(d) Bank Reconciliation

The bank keeps our money but why should we think they are not making mistakes, why should we think that money sent to the bank ultimately reaches our account, can’t some one tamper with it on the way? these are some of the causes of a bank reconciliation process. The system makes a bank reconciliation  to ensure that our cash book and the bank are in agreement all the time.

 (d) Cash Flow statement

 The System generates a cash flow statement .

(e) Suppliers and debtors lists

The system is used to record any supplies on credit similarly the debtors.

 Therefore it generates their balances and the company should know at any point the level of its indebtedness to the outsiders, and how much they owe it.

Pay Roll Module

 Is a fully fledged pay roll component that handles all aspects of a pay roll.


The system groups employees into departments eg sales, marketing , service bay, administration

Employee  registration

The system  registers every employee with all necessary details, eg mode of payment(cash or cheques etc)



End of  month processing:

This option is  clicked once and the system will compute every employees payment

Pay slips, payment sheets etc

The system can now generate a payment sheet and pay slips for every employee

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