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The School Management Information System(SMIS)
The Hospital Management Information System(HMIS)
The Hotel Management System(HotelPro)
The Loan Tracking System(LTS)
The Fuel Manager(FM)
The Standard Point of Sale(SPOS)
The Real estate and Rentals Management System(RMS)
The Business Accounting System(BAS)
Kitunzi(Lugand Accounting package)
The Sales and Inventory Management System(SIMS)
District Mock Exams
UNEB Analysis
Paper bag Manufacturing Management System(PMS)
The Debt Management and Monitoring System(DMMS)
The Human Resource and Pay roll System(PRS
The Training Management System(TMS)
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BAS is a multipurpose accounting system for all types of businesses


The Chart of Accounts

We create account codes, financial categories and generation of the chart of accounts


Accounts Receivable(Customers)

Create customer accounts

Prepare invoices

Post invoices

Capture repayments

Generate payment lists

Print receipts

Prepare customer statements and reminders

Generate customer statements at any given time

Generate customer balance lists

Prepare delivery notes for finished and delivered jobs


Accounts Payable(Suppliers)

Create supplier accounts

Prepare local purchasing orders(LPOs)

Capture suppliers’ invoices

Update both Inventory and supplier accounts

Capture payments to suppliers

Generate suppliers’ payment analysis and statements

Local Purchase orders and Proforma Invoices

BAS prepares LPOs and Proforma invoices


Recording Expenses

Capture payment vouchers and post them

Generation of Payment Vouchers

Prepare and generate payment Vouchers, authenticate them and post them to the general ledger


General ledger

Prepare general ledger based on posted transaction.


Invoicing and billing

BAS does automatic billing to customers for work or service done


Inventory Management

BAS has an Inventory module, managing incoming and outgoing stock, stock cards,

stock statement, stock taking, stock movement reports etc

Pay roll management

BAS has a pay roll module that prepares pay slips, payment schedules, Bank lists, NSSF and PAYE schedule, EFT lists etc


Fixed Asset register

BAS has a fixed Asset register module , assets are categorized and entered into Computer.

Assets are valued and automatically depreciated using predefined depreciation rates



BAS accepts barcodes and can read them off the bar code stickers

BAS also supports bar code printing if the bar code printer is installed


Banking Deposits and withdrawals

Manage both deposits and withdrawals


Bank reconciliation and cash book

Perform bank reconciliation, generate and file the bank reconciliation reports

Prepare the cash book as well


Budgeting and Vote book

Enter approved budget into the BAS System

Prepare the vote book at a click of a button


Financial reports

Prepare financial reports including, trial balance, income statement, statement of financial position(balance sheet), cash flow statement ,the general ledger etc



Generate cashiers’ daily collections

Generate Input check lists and the audit trail

Check input data control for accuracy of entered transactions


Journal Entries

Capturing Journal entries


Foreign Exchange Gains and losses

Capturing forex transactions and passing foreign exchange gains and losses to appropriate accounts



Generate daily operations reports(sales, profitability, balancing status etc)


Updating Stocks

General end of day posting(both accounting and stock data is updated)



Data and System Security

Implemented by use of Passwords,

The audit trail  tells us the user and time of data entry

User Access rights enable us to prevent un authorized users to access restricted options


Disaster Management

An automatic back up is made by the System, twice a day, once in the morning and also in the evening


SMS Integration

BAS is integrated with SMS, to send reminders and notification to Customers and suppliers


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